Naughtypee -01  Nice But Naughty Girls Volume 1

Featuring Julia & Jenny, Lindsay & Maja and Jasmina & Natly in scenes of daring public exhibitionism, flashing, mild girl / girl action, and very public peeing.

The movie consists of three chapters, each chapter featuring scenes from two nice young models. All the footage is exclusive to Naughtypee; none has appeared previously or will be available in the future in the Members Area of Projectpee or duplicated in any Projectpee movies. All filming is in High Definition.

Chapter 1 introduces Julia & Jenny, two charming German models who are visiting Vienna for a film shoot.

In the first scene, we see them changing their outfits by the car before walking over to a busy park where first Julia takes a truly enormous arcing pee whilst seated on a bench. Not to be outdone, Julia climbs up on the table and takes an equally impressive pee.

The next scene again features “behind the scenes” footage from a shoot and we see the girls relaxing on the terrace, before dressing to go out again. Julia needs to pee, and opens her bathrobe and pees a torrent on to the terrace. Again, Jenny is sure that she can equal Julia’s performance and loses no time in aiming a huge jet of pee into Julia’s puddle. The girls then come indoors and change in to outdoor clothing before heading out to film again.

In their final scene, we see the girls arrive at another park and make their way to a very public area by the fountains. In full view of many passers-by and people on a terrace overlooking the fountains, they undress and put on very skimpy dresses. Jenny takes a huge arcing pee from the edge of the fountain, ignoring people passing only a few feet away. Julia climbs into the fountain and takes an exhibitionist pee into the water.

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